Tina Frischmann, BA

Studies of Education at the Faculty of Philosophy and Education, University of Vienna

Coordinator for the course „History and Culture” for young people between the age 15 to 17 at the Science Academy of Lower Austria.
Project collaborator in the Top Citizen Science project „Names, Graves and Memory. The psychiatric hospital Mauer-Öhling (Lower Austria) in the Nazi era”.
From August 2017 to July 2019 member of the Sparkling Science-Project |„Closed“ Institution? The Psychiatric Hospital Mauer-Öhling (Lower Austria) during National Socialism and in Collective Memory|. Employee at the Network of Adult Education Counselling of Lower Austria as a network coordinator and educational consultant since 2017. At the moment projext member for the Top Citizen Science-Project |Names, Graves and Memory. The Psychiatric Hospital Mauer-Öhling (Lower Austria) during National Socialism|.

Other activities and training
2017: Fled. Escape stories in the family memory - ÖIEB
2016: Challenge group: (BEG) Leading with competence and joy: Pro Mente
2015-2016: ÖGS - Austrian Sign Language (B2)
2015: MOVIN - motivational interview: Specialist for Addiction Prevention

Tina Frischmann, Foto: Gerald Lechner