PD Dr. Eveline Brugger MAS

Studies of history and Romance philology at the University of Vienna, graduation in 1995
1995 graduation from the Institute for Austrian Historical Research (MAS in historical research and archival science)
Doctorate from the University of Vienna in 2002, dissertation on the connections between Lower Austrian noble families and the Jewish elite up to the year 1338

Staff member of the Institute for Jewish History in Austria since 1995, co-ordinator of the project „Documents on Jewish History in Medieval Austria“ since 1999

Instructor at the Viennese Institute for Economic Promotion (WIFI) since 1997, 1999-2008 instructor for the American Heritage Association (Study Abroad Program of the University of Portland, Oregon)

Lecturer at the Universities of Vienna, Salzburg and Klagenfurt

2015 habilitation for Medieval History at the University of Graz

Leader of the completed research projects (sponsored by the Austrian Science Fund, FWF) „Documents on Jewish History in Eastern Austria“ (P21236-G18, 2009-2012), „Documents on Jewish History in Eastern Austria 1387-1404“ (P24404-G18, 2012-2016) and „„Documents on Jewish History in Eastern Austria 1405-1418” (P28609-G28).

Currently leader of the FWF-sponsored project |Documents on Jewish History in Eastern Austria 1419-1437| (P32395-G28).

Research focus: sources on the history of Jews in the Middle Ages, Jewish-Christian interaction, medieval economic and social history, Austrian medieval history, auxiliary sciences of history, history of nobility

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