Stones of Remembrance in St. Pölten

575 men, women and children of the Jewish community St. Pölten known by name were murdered in the Holocaust. In the commemoration year 2018, in cooperation with the city of St. Pölten, we started to place Stones of Remembrance for these people as a sign of individual remembrance and to mark the 30th anniversary of the Injoest. The 18x18cm large brass plates with names, women's birth name, date of birth, date of deportation and where ascertainable date of death will be placed on the sidewalk in front of the last voluntary address. We would like to thank the Viennese association |Stones of Remembrance| for its expertise and support!

The first twelve stones at eight addresses for 28 murdered people have been set on October 4th, 2018 in the presence of Mayor Mag. Matthias Stadler and of many relatives from Austria, Switzerland, the USA, Great Britain and Argentina. Current residents of the houses as well took part in the ceremony. The accompanying |brochure |“Stones of Remembrance in St. Pölten 1/2018” can be ordered at the Injoest (€ 8,- plus postage, |mail: Order|).

The setting of the stones will be continued every year, with the aim of placing them at all the approximately 60 St. Pölten addresses and others in all the places of residence of the catchment area of the former Jewish community.

Support the Stones of Remembrance

  • Through financial sponsorship (Institut für jüdische Geschichte Österreichs, IBAN:  AT87 2025 6000 0005 6655, BIC: SPSPAT21, intended use: Stones of Remembrance)
  • Regular cleaning of plates in your vicinity, reporting of damage
  • By suggestion fort he setting of stones in smaller towns at the responsible municipality. You will find the addresses in the index of names of the online |Memory Book|.

Contact: |mail: Sabine Hödl|

Thank you for the support: