Stones of Remembrance in St. Pölten I/2018

Edited by Institute for Jewish History in Austria. St. Pölten 2018, 76 p., ISBN 978 3 9504682 0 5, € 8,- (plus postage). |mail: Order|

In 2018 the Institute for Jewish History in Austria starts setting „Stones of Remembrance“ in cooperation with the city of St. Pölten. 80 years after the „Anschluss“ this initiative
honours the Jews of St. Pölten who were murdered during the Nazi era. Framed by personal texts of relatives this booklet contains the fates of 28 victims of the Shoah.
The stone settings will continue every year.



  • Preface by Mayor Matthias Stadler 
  • „Bright Beacons of Remembrance“. Introduction by Martha Keil
  •  Franziskanergasse 3: Jakob and Stefanie Winterstein 
  • Fuhrmannsgasse 15: Rudolf and Emma Kohn
  • Josefstraße 67: Sigmund and Berta Stern
  • Kremser Gasse 9: Heinrich and Hermine Gelb
  • Kremser Gasse 17: Johanna Morgenstern
  • Lederergasse 8: Daniel and Josefine Kerpen, Adolf Weinstein, Benedikt and Aurelia Aranka Süss, Wilhelm and Franziska Weiss
  • Rathausgasse 8: Hermann and Irma Löw
  • Rathausplatz 13: Julius and Hildegard Frischmann, Barbara and Geza with Elfi, Charlotte and Moritz Frischmann, Ella Frischmann