Former Synagogue

The synagogue was built in 1913 according to the plans of Theodor Schreier and Viktor Postelberg; it was heavily damaged in the Kristallnacht (November 9/10, 1938). After 1945, the building was returned to the IKG Vienna, as the IKG St. Pölten did not exist anymore – the Jewish community of St. Pölten had been flourishing but was destroyed during the war and only few survivors returned to St. Pölten.

In summer 1980, costly renovations started as a sale or a complete demolition of the dilapidated building were out of the question due to reasons of protection of historical monuments. As the stencils of the mural patterns of the cupola had been rediscovered, the cupola could be reproduced in all its beauty. Only the Hebrew verses within the medallions could not be reconstructed, nor could the colourful Art-Nouveau-windows be saved. Since 1988, the cantor's house offers home to the Institute for the Jewish History in Austria while the main room of the synagogue is used for events. Today, the former synagogue is a memorial to remind the visitors of a thriving Jewish community before 1938 and its destruction by National Socialism.

Special objects:

  • The installation „The Ninth Day“ („Der Neunte Tag“) – symbolic Torah curtain by Simon Wachsmuth (Berlin)
  • The light sculpture Emet – Met, Truth – Death, by Peter Daniel (Vienna)
  • The exhibition „There were such nice people there … the destroyed Jewish Community St. Pölten” („Es gab so nette Leute dort“ … Die zerstörte jüdische Gemeinde St. Pölten“)
  • Wittnesses of November 9th, 1938: window fragment and prayer book
  • An „Object of the Month“ – changing on the 15th of every month
  • And of course the impressive, wonderfully beautiful building

The synagogue is currently closed for renovation. We look forward to welcoming you back in 2024.
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