Dr. Benjamin Grilj

Studied philosophy and history in Graz and Maribor. Master's degree 2004, doctorate 2007 on „Consequences of the Philosophy of Language on Epistemology”. 2004-2007 honorary tutor at the Institute of Philosophy at Karl Franzens University Graz. From 2008-2012 lecturer in cultural studies at the Institute for Theory and Practice of Translation at the National University of Chernivtsi (Ukraine), as well as research assistant at the Bukovina Centre and the Austria Library Chernivtsi.

(Co-)organiser of a number of academic and cultural events such as conferences, readings, exhibitions, theatre performances, etc.

2008-2011 project leader of "rubiCon - czernowitzer architekturpartnerschaft" and 2009-2011 of "Schwarze Milch - zurückgehaltene Briefe aus den Todeslagern Transnistriens".

Main research interests: Urban and regional history with a special focus on Galicia, Bukovina and Lower Austria, comparative antisemitism and Holocaust research, digital humanities.

Activities at the Institute for Jewish History in Austria:

Associate member of the FTI Research Network Migration
Representative of INJOEST in the planned national consortium of EHRI (European Holocaust Research Infrastructure)

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