Dr. Benjamin Grilj

Studied Philosophy and History in Graz and Maribor, graduated in 2004. Doctorate program at the University of Graz (2004–2007), with the PhD thesis „Consequences of the Philosophy of Language on Epistemology“.

2004–2007 voluntary tutor at the Institute of Philosophy in Graz.

2008–2012 docent for Cultural Studies at the University of Chernivci and research fellow at the Bukowina Centre and the Austrian Library Czernowitz.

Coordinator of several scientific and cultural conferences, readings, exhibitions, theatre-performances etc.

2008-2011 head of „rubicon – architectural partnership chernivci“ and 2009–2011 head of „black milk – withheld letters from the death camps of Transnistria“.

Since 2014 digitalization and data management of historical images; digitalization of archival documents; support of the website |www.juden-in-st-poelten.at|. 2015/16 documentation of the Jewish Cemetery St. Pölten (Karlstettner Strasse); update and support for |www.juden-in-st-poelten.at|; 2018 co-project manager of |Was haben diese Plätze schon gesehen? (What have these places already seen?)|project member for the project |Flight experience as an advantage? The example of Jewish refugees from Galicia and Bukovina in Vienna and Lower Austria 1918-1941|

Research focus: local and regional history, research on anti-Semitism and Holocaust

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