Dr. Philipp Mettauer

Studies in history and political sciences at the Universities of Vienna, Madrid, Salamanca and Basel.
„Commemorative service“ at the Fundación Memoria del Holocausto, Museo de la Shoá in Buenos Aires.

Project coordinator and scientific staff member for the oral history research project „Austrians in exile 1938–1945: Argentina.“ Further projects concerning Jewish remigration, National socialist euthanasia at the psychiatric hospitals „Am Steinhof“ in Vienna and Gugging in Lower Austria. Realisation of the project „Forgotten and remembered. The Lindau psychotherapy weeks 1950–2010 from a historical perspective“.
Scientific researcher for the Commission for Provenance Research (Federal Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture) at the Austrian National Library.

Concluded Projects
|Uprooted? National socialist persecution in family’s memory of Austrian Jews|
|De-registered. The forced displacement of the St. Pölten Jews to collection flats in Vienna, 1938–42 (Sparkling Science-Project)|
|Our Expelled Neigbours. Jews in Central Lower Austria – Research and Commemorative Culture| (Top Citizen Science-Project)

From 2017 to 2019 main researcher for the project |The Lower-Austrian „psychiatric hospital” Mauer-Öhling during the time of National Socialism| and for the Sparkling Science-Project| „Closed“ Institution? The Psychiatric Hospital Mauer-Öhling (Lower Austria) during National Socialism and in Collective Memory|, furthermore project member for the Top Citizen Science-Project |Names, Graves and Memory. The Psychiatric Hospital Mauer-Öhling (Lower Austria) during National Socialism|. From 2019-2022 member of the the project team for |„Mobile things, people and ideas. A mobile history of Lower Austria”|, researcher for the project| „‚Arisierte‘ Dinge und ‚Dinge des Exils‘“| („‚Aryanized' things and ‚things of exile’”), next to it completion of a publication on the history of the Psychiatric Hospital Mauer-Öhling during the Nazi era.
Since 2022 project employee for |NS-„Volksgemeinschaft” and Camps in the Central Region of Lower Austria. History – Contact Zones – Memory|.

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