Merethe Jensen, M.A.

Studied history at the University of Southern Denmark and the University of Vienna and completed a Master of Arts degree in 2011.
Worked for the Holocaust Victims’ Information and Support Center in Vienna in 2005–2006.
Contributor for the exhibition „Anti-Semitism in the Danish Media“ at the Danish Media Museum in 2008. Contributor for the Mauthausen Survivors Research Project since 2008.

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Participation in the Annual Summer Institute on the Holocaust and Jewish Civilization in 2009 (sponsored by the Holocaust Educational Foundation). Scholarships from the Norwegian research institutions Stiftelsen Arkivet and Falstadsenteret in 2010. Participation in a research project on female inmates of the Mauthausen Concentration Camp at the Institute of Conflict Research in Vienna in 2010. Guide at the Mauthausen Memorial in 2011-2012.

From January 2013 to December 2014 contributor for the Sparkling Science Project „|The End of (My) Childhood?“| – Kindertransport (Refugee Children Movement) for the Rescue of Jewish Children and Youths from Austria in 1938–1941”.

Subject of dissertation: |Die Kindertransporte zur Rettung jüdischer Kinder aus Österreich nach Skandinavien 1938-40| (Refugee Children Movement for the Rescue of Jewish Children from Austria to Scandinavia 1938-40, in German only)





Mag. Elisabeth Loinig

Project: |Die Niederösterreichische Regierung und die Juden in Wien (1740-1792). Handlungsspielräume und Strategien zwischen Norm und Verwaltungspraxis |(The Government of Lower Austria and the Jews of Vienna (1740-1792). Scopes of action and strategies between standard and administrative practice, in German only).

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