Dr. Svjatoslav Pacholkiv

1985–1991 Study of German Philology and Political Sciences at the University of Lviv. Graduated in 1991. 1992–1995 Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Social Sciences, Junior Research Associate.

1995–1997 International Project Borders and Border-Crossing: The Importance of the State-Border for Political and Social Development of Habsburg-Empire, Austrian Institute of East and South-East European Studies.

1995–2000 Study of History, German Literature and Political Sciences at the University of Freiburg. Doctorate in 2000.

2001–2004 University of Basel, Department of History, Senior Research Associate. Project Familiar and Strange at the Same Time: Jews in Intercultural Relationships.Since 2004 Teaching Experience at the Universities of Freiburg, Basel, Vienna and at the Ukrainian Catholic University.

Since 2008 member of staff of the Institute for Jewish History in Austria, responsible for the project |From Kahal to Religious Community: Galician Jews 1772–1790|. Since 2011 working on the project |After the Edict of Tolerance: Galician Jews 1790–1848|.

2016–2017 Researcher for the FTI-Project – Research Association „Migration“, subproject |Flucht nach Niederösterreich: Galizische Juden 1914–1920| (Flight to Lower Austria: Galician Jews 1914–1929, in German only).

Since 2017 Erwin Schrödinger Fellow (FWF), Project |Jewish Life in the Eastern Galician Triangle, 1860–1939|.

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