Mobile things, people and ideas

A mobile history of Lower Austria

Mobility is one of the fundamental constants of human existence and thus, from a historical point of view, one of the most important individual and collective experiences. With human relocation, whether voluntary or forced, the mobility of things and ideas goes hand in hand. The encounter with the „stranger” has had and has the potential to change one's own, be it through the attractiveness of the „new” and the associated appropriation or by rejection of the same. Thus, mobile things, people and ideas are central factors of sociocultural change. „Culture” as a dynamic social category and the basis of social identity becomes understandable through the focus on mobility.

The project examines these dynamics in a total of six subject areas in time periods of more than 7000 years using objects from the collections of Lower Austria as well as institutional collections in the area of ​​todays Lower Austria. Since the country was and is a European region with a particularly high level of mobility from a historical perspective, Lower Austria is particularly well suited as an exemplary space in an international context. The common object pool of all subject areas is the „mobile household contents”, because on the one hand it has a special significance for the definition of social identities in many cultures, on the other hand it could be subject to changes of location due to its proverbial mobility. The project explores not only the mobility of things in all its subject areas, but also how mobility of things becomes visible.

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